JULY 10, 2007

  1. The meeting opened by Chairman Andy Habe at 7:00 PM with all members present as well as Tom Rogers and William Patten. The first order of business was the selection of a Chairman. Marianne Williams nominated Andy Habe, second by Merle Ray and approved by the members.

  2. Tom Rogers had all members sign the trustee election results in order for him to file it at the Worcester Registry of Deeds.

  3. The recorded copy of the revised Rules and Regulations will be provided to William Oncay to scan into the Olde Canal Village web site. It then will be placed in the files. Chairman Habe stressed the need to finish the remaining portions of the condo documents , get them recorded and furnish copies of the entire set of documents to the residents. Bill Patten will complete this process by having them printed and delivered.

  4. Gil Joe brought in a clipping from the Boston Globe concerning the effects on light sensors from the use of florescent bulbs. The current type of bulbs apparently cause the sensors to fail. However, new types of bulbs have been develop which do not cause this failure. In the interim, no changes will be made to our current method of using incandescent bulbs.

  5. There was a discussion about the fire alarm testing as to whether the failure of garage alarms to set off other alarms when tested. Generally it was believed that these alarms were not intended to be interconnected. Tom Fermi will check with the local fire department to determine if interconnection with the garage alarm is a building code requirement. As for the insurance company, their concern lies with non-operational alarms due to failed batteries or alarms.

  6. Roger Lange reported that he has not received all reports on the alarm tests. Upon his return, he will finish this project.

  7. There was some discussion about the landscaping contractor's performance. Although improved to a degree, additional progress must be made. Tom Fermi pointed out that we have a deadline approaching in a few months when we have to decide whether to extend the contract for another three years or not.

  8. Bill Patten and Tom Rogers left the meeting at 7:30 PM.

  9. Andy Habe expressed his concern about the Cash Flow Report which shows a continuing drop in available cash. Most of the cause is the continued need for using funds for un-programmed requirements for building repairs and for washing siding. At the moment, it was felt that we can use surpluses from other areas to make up the difference. A proposal has been received from Belasario Quintinella to clean the outsides of units not done by Peter Smith. The Board decided that a plan was needed showing the number of units involved, a time-table and financial impact (if any). Roger Lange will work on this. While on this subject, Andy asked about the need for repair of a basement leak on Olde Canal Way. Tom Fermi is in process of getting a cost breakout from the contractor for the proposed sump pump and the remainder of the requirement.

  10. Talks will begin with Waste Management for a new contract for Trash Pickup and Removal. We will be looking at reducing the amount being charged for fuel cost.

  11. There was a discussion concerning the request by a resident for approval to have an unqualified relative (under 55) stay in the resident's unit on a temporary basis. No action will be taken until the length of time is determined.

  12. The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 PM.

Andy Habe, Chairman