Open Meeting Minutes

  1. The meeting was called to order at 7 pm by Chairman Andy Habe who welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming.

  2. Andy thanked Joe Derderian and Walter Douglas for pitching in and joining the deck program by staining their own.

  3. Andy thanked Arthur Matson for taking on the maintenance painting and decorating of the circle bulletin board.

  4. Andy spoke of the men's 2nd annual barbecued chicken dinner on the 9th. He said it was lots of fun and thanked Al Bresciani, Emil MacDougall, Bill McGee, Gary Miller, Bill Patten and John Trombert for doing the work.

  5. Vice Chairman of Operations Trustee Tom Fermi spoke about the seal coating project in progress. He explained the recent change to the original plan and the reason. He answered a few questions from the audience regarding parking. Tom also displayed the new rotary signs to be installed following the seal coating process.

  6. Treasurer Merle Ray gave a half year look at our Financial status stating what we were at 51% of budget because of some substantial first half expenses but stated that it projected favorably for the second half.

  7. People were reminded that it is important to take an extra moment when at the mailbox to check the Circle Bulletin Board to see what is happening and what important notices there might be. It's how you find out what is going on and what has to be done.

  8. Everyone is urged to spend the time and energy to vote on the myriad issues at Olde Canal Village. The recent election for two Trustees had ~ 70% of the residents voting where it should have been closer to 100%. A request is being made to the community for ways to improve voter turnout.

  9. Attendees were reminded of the Garage Sale being considered for the 10th and/or 17th of September. Carole Miller is in charge of organizing the event. It is also posted on the Circle Bulleting Board. All are asked to call Carole if they're interested.




JULY 11, 2005

1. Chairman Andy Habe, Jr. opened the meeting at 7:20 PM with Tom Fermi, Tom Rogers, Bill Patten, Bill Oncay and Merle Ray present.

2. The latest re-write of the condominium documents was presented by Bill Patten and Bill Oncay for review by the Board. Each section was discussed and changes made where necessary except in the case of the section on antennas which will be re-written by Tom Rogers. Most of the changes were administrative in nature.

3. There was a lengthy discussion on how to present the finished document package to the Olde Canal Village property owners in the most efficient and cost effective manner. It was decided to get copies of the complete package in the hands of the owners and then have three meetings with about 24 unit owners attending each session. Comments would be solicited from all owners at these meetings and as many issues resolved as possible. Comments would be considered before finalization of the package and presentation to the Association owners for formal approval. Reproduction costs of the package will be compared for in-house and outside accomplishment. The tentative time frame is to have the vote accomplished at the June, 2006 annual meeting.

4. The financial status was reviewed to identify areas of concern. None were identified except Tom Fermi inquired about the expenditures against the Landscaping Capital Improvements. There is a balance remaining of about $600. The Reserve funds will begin to be brought up to date after payment of the bill for the road sealing is processed. There are no future large payments scheduled. Cost of irrigation system opening, closing and periodic repairs was discussed. The current contractor, Bourque Brothers, does a good job but can be expensive for repairs such as head replacements, etc. Tom Fermi suggested using Roberto more extensively in this area because of lower charges, I. E., no fee for coming to Olde Canal Village to identify the problem. Bill Patten questioned relying on Roberto exclusively for all maintenance activities at OCV. Tom Fermi pointed out that no change would occur in the primary support by Bourque Brothers at this time.

5. Chairman Habe reported that the appreciation dinner on July 14 would cost less than $1000. He asked all committee chairmen to update the membership if required.

6. Chairman Habe asked for updates on the following areas and received the responses shown:

    A. Lighting of the dark area on Olde Canal Way - Bill Oncay is working on this issue and is looking at the availability of forms of lighting and how to provide electrical service.

    B. Cleaning/washing of unit fronts - Tom Fermi advised that this should be done in the fall after the gutters have been cleaned. We need to arrive at a cost for doing both jobs.

    C. Tree removal behind 5/7 Olde Canal Way - Bill Patten reported that it has been cut down but not removed as yet. He is working with the property owner to get this done.

    D. Insurance quotes for 2006 - Tom Rogers suggested that this process begin around the first part of September.

    E. Deck awnings - Tom Fermi is waiting for more information on other types of awnings from Diversified Signs.

7. Two requests have been received from residents for action. One dealt with a problem with continuing freezing of a gas meter due to water coming off the roof (Al Bresciani). This will be corrected before winter arrives. The other was a request by Dave King to build a 10 x 10 addition to their deck. Since their unit is unique in that this extension would not interfere with their neighbors, it was approved.

8. The meeting was adjourned at 9:55 PM.

Andrew Habe, Jr.