Date:        July 12, 2004

Time:       7:00 p

Place:      Clubhouse




Tom Fermi



TomRogers (absent)



VC of Operations





Call to Order:  7:00p

Open Session Adjourn:           

Closed Session Adjourn:       

Unit Owner Open Meeting Minutes


In these ‘minutes’, normal text is take directly from the meeting agenda and the italicized text is from the resultant discussion or additions made by the trustees.




Chairman Andy Habe’s comments: What a great job the Flower Planting Committee did in front of the Club House. Thanks to Nancy Jackson, Merle Lalor, Ann Lewis, Carol Perda, & Lucile Whitehouse.


1.      Beautification of Olde Canal Village?  Last month it was necessary to comment on startup problems but this month it is our pleasure to say that we are headed in the right direction. We continue to hold our Monday morning meetings to ensure good operating performance.

2.      Thanks to all that helped with the watering of the new vegetation, which has certainly added to the beautification of Olde Canal Village.  Many of you have beautified your front and back yards with mulch, plants, bushes and trees. We suggest that everyone take a walk and look  [at the back of the homes] for yourself. 

3.      The new TV & Console is a most generous contribution from Gary & Carole Miller. I know they had a number of people offering to buy but it was their desire for us to enjoy here at the clubhouse.

4.      We thank Al Worsham and Jack Cnossen for joining our Operations Committee.                                                                                                                   

5.      There are four new families in our community:

a.       …Don and Judy Godeke @ 26 OCW. Judy is the daughter of Leverne Rosenberger, the previous owner of that address. They have been working hard to beautify the property behind their condo…

b.      George and Charlotte Mangano @ 17 OCW have also done extensive landscaping of their back yard.…..

c.      Roger and Teri Brodeur @ 51 NVD, and

d.      Bob and Carol Crotty @ 56 Nature View Drive

6.      The referendum question to change the annual meeting to the second Monday in June and to extend present trustee terms to June, passed at the 80% level with 0% in opposition.

7.      The possibility of utilizing unit owner email and hand delivery is being examined. [This is important because it represents another savings. It would be appreciated if all with email capability accept having things distributed through the use of this great utility.]

8.      The June Pot Luck Supper was a complete success due to the planning, organization and Cooking abilities of Al Bresiani, Emil MacDougall, John Trombert, Bill McGee, Gary Miller, Howard Anderson and Bill Patten. We are now anxious to schedule another potluck supper and we are looking for an organizer of the dinner activities.

[Having submitted a suggestion for the next potluck, Bill Oncay was appointed to chair a committee to hold a Chile Cook-off on August 21]

9.      We still need cooperation from drivers to go around the circle correctly, which is counter clockwise. We ask that all do this, for safety sake.

[Andy explained that Warsaw street belongs to the town of Uxbridge as does the traffic circle. Olde Canal Village wants the town to take some responsibility and mark the required direction of travel without lots of ugly road signs. In any case, OCV will be putting up directional signs with or without the town of Uxbridge. At this point, the Board is waiting for the town to reply to their letter.]

10.The deck-staining program on Nature View Drive is a work in process, with some major corrections taking place due to excessive power washing.

[Remedial work is currently taking place.]

11.A unit owner asked, why don’t we have a fire alarm box at OCV? Tom Fermi is looking into this. Tom how about giving us a few comments…

[Tom reported that the fire chief was contacted and was told that with all new collective building, a firebox is supposed to be installed if the property is more than 2000 feet from the fire station. He couldn’t comment as to why Olde Canal Village didn’t have one. It was suggested that if Olde Canal Village bought the materials, the fire company would provide the labor. Still more communication will be taking place.]

12.Now is a good time for changing the air filter on your furnace………….

13.Please make sure that you check all three bulletin boards, including the one outside the restrooms.

14.Use of garage lights for the nighttime lightening is again requested. If you do not have a night-light timer, contact one of your trustees. Tom Rogers has been installing them as a courtesy…Thanks Tom, who’s away on vacation.

[Installation of the timer is free, compliments of Mr. Rogers, but the unit will cost $33.]

[With regard to the new timers (sunrise/sunset version), these units have a somewhat long and tricky program to activate that we are just getting use to. This might mean a reprogramming of some. Anyone having one of these newer units that is not working correctly please contact the Trustee installer at 508 243 8710.] Post meeting comment

15.Once again, residents and guests are asked not to park on the sidewalks.  Park in driveway, unless space is not available, then park on the street!

[There was a discussion about people parking at Olde Canal Village during the Uxbridge fireworks display. Andy commented that a policeman could be hired to keep parkers out. It was said that this was one of a few events during the year where parking is very tight near the school and the temptation to park here is too tempting.

[It was suggested that OCV go to Andrews Engineering (surveyors) and have them come and mark for us a geographical point and to show us where on our map of the premises that point is so that we have a benchmark for marking our own boarders.]

16.The Unit Owner/Trustee Communication Form has been sent out as part of the Club House rules, agreements and documents. The Communication Form is also available on the clubhouse bulletin board [and on the Website].  Please read and file with your Association Records.

17.We have $3,000 in this year’s budget for the repair of asphalt cracks and are searching for a company to accomplish the repair.

18.Tom & Marti Fermi have prepared an Olde Canal Village Resident Directory. We plan to publish it in the near future. [Anyone that doesn’t want their phone number published should contact the Trustees] Andy suggested that distribution of the Resident Directory be a first attempt at emailing and hand delivery.]

19.We have decided to establish a Sunshine Committee as part of the Welcoming Committee to acknowledge serious illness. We thank Bonny Trombert for handling this Committee.. We also thank Phyllis MacDougall, who is leaving the committee, for all her efforts to make OCV a better place.

Without being able to go into detail on individual’s illness they are:

a.      Barbara Van Heest, 31 NVD

b.      Nancy Berdigian, 44 NVD

c.      Margaret Derderian, 19 NVD.   …Just arrived at OCV                                                           

d.      Phyllis & Emil MacDougall’s grand daughter, Kimberly MacDougall

…Please keep the committee informed

20.Bill Oncay is looking to obtain Association information for the newsletter and WEB  SITE…Interested parties should give Bill a call.

21.Lynne & Clyde Powell will be leaving us in October. They have been a significant contributor to our community and we wish them well. Lynne will continue to be a member of the Red Hats and will live only a mile or two from OCV.  

[If anyone knows someone interested in buying here at Olde Canal Village have them contact the Powells directly and possibly avoid reality fees.]

22.Merle Ray presented the monthly financial status report.

23.Bill Patten, a few comments?

[Bees - the exterminator’s estimates to get rid of pests (flying) were discussed. It was acknowledged that the bee problem was not extensive.]

[The deck awnings were discussed. Two types were being considered, from Solar Shield and Sun Setter. To date, there have only been a handful of requests for awnings. The Board has a lot of work to do if awnings are permitted. There are many facets to the matter for consideration before any awnings could be installed.]

24.Thank you all for coming. If you have any additional questions, let’s discuss now..

[There were no additional comments or questions]  



At this point, the Open Session of the Condo meeting was declared closed.