July 14, 2009

Board member present: Andy Habe, Tom Fermi, Marianne Williams, Romeo Berthiaume, Roger Lange

Andy Habe opened the meeting at 6:30 P.M.

  1. The financial report was given by Marianne. The cash flow statement and bill approval form was discussed and signed. The board reexamined the decision to make the monthly reserve checking payment semi-annual. The board agreed to continue the monthly payments according to the budget. It was decided that, when extraordinary b ills are to be paid, the monies would be taken from the reserve account rather than paying from the monthly income as this can cause a shortage in monies available. Some board members questioned the method of bookkeeping that does not allow the accountant to post absolute income for the month. The explanation was that only anticipated monthly funds are recorded and reported. Extra income is reported in the month for which it was intended.

  2. Andy reported that he has not heard from the owners nor from the buyer regarding the disposition of the sale of the condo.

    1. F and J. Roger reported that Wilson has completed all but one building in the painting project. He is currently working on buildings 2 and 7- no backs are done. There are several condos that need decking and rails on the decks replaced. Lumber remaining from former projects will be used and additional lumber purchased as needed. Roger has several communication forms that need to be addressed and will be taken care of according to their priority. .Olde Canal Way has fascia problems because of the winds. Wilson suggested nailing the fascia plus new caulking to prevent the winds from ripping off the fascia. The suggestion was approved Tom reported that Carlino has hired Wilson's son and is very pleased with his work. He is currently pulling the weeds in all areas throughout the complex and the board is pleased with the job he has done. The board would like to commend Bruce Thomas for his contribution to the community by pulling the weeds out of the roadway and sidewalk area. Bruce takes it upon himself to do this each year and the board appreciates his work to keep the curb appeal of the complex in such good condition.. .Tom reported that Wilson will install the new lights on the road side of the clubhouse. New lights were purchased which will give better lighting to the road area

    2. A ginkgo tree was purchased by Bll Oncay and Romeo and Tom planted it. Several people have inquired about purchasing trees and the project will be resumed in the fall.

    3. The problem of illegal dumping of yard debris by non-residents appears to be resolved. .The material is being carted away and the area looks nice. We will continue to monitor the site.

    4. Romeo reported on the problem of ice dams. He indicated that several residents were interested in putting the wires on their roofs. The cost of the wire would be borne by the homeowner but the board would assume of cost of installation. Application to have the wires installed should be received by September 1 and the work will be completed by October 31. Wilson indicated that he would be able to install the wires for us. At this time, Tom has applications for 28 orders at a cost of $88.75 which will include a 100 ft wire, light adaptors, and installation. Once the wires are purchased, Wilson will begin to install them on the roofs rather than wait until fall.

    5. E. Tom reported on the need for dryer vent cleaning. Many of the residents are concerned that their neighbors will not consent to the cleaning project and thus put their homes in jeopardy. It was recommended that all unit would have the vents cleaned at a cost of $50 per unit to be paid by homeowner. The exhaust would be cleaned from the outside but homeowners would be asked to check the electrical outouts to be sure wiring is safe. This item was tabled until August in order to get additional information.

    6. Romeo and Roger have been investigating the possible addition of privacy fencing for the decks. They have visited several area condo complexes that have such fencing and have come up with several possible fences. They will continue to investigate this project.

    7. Mosquito spraying by the town took place in June as scheduled

    8. Emergency information folders were passed out to the trustees. T hey will also be given to the building representatives. Letters will be sent to all the owners which would also include a magnetic holder that can be placed on the refrigerator. This holder would have the names and numbers of the residents in that building as well as the building rep in bold print. In case of an emergency when an owner is away, the neighbors can call the building rep to get the number of the contact person for entry into the home.

    9. Tom has been researching a new water sensor that would automatically shut off the sprinklers when it is raining. The current one is outdated and does not work in an efficient way. The new one would automatically set the water usage according to the climate. This saves water because of the auto-adjusting factor. A new clock and three new sensors would cost $700.

    10. A new smaller recycle bin is available. Tom will have a sample at the mailboxes . It comes with a yellow lid. He is going to check to see if a smaller trash bin is available for those who do not have a lot of trash each week.

    11. Several roofs have leaks and can be repaired by the installation of rubberized ice shield and flashing. Tom will contact Belizario for a quote.

Meeting adjourned at 10:15 P.M.
Respectfully submitted by Marianne Williams.