Minutes of Trustee/Unit Owners Annual Meeting July 10, 2006

The meeting was opened by the Chairman of the Trustees, Andy Habe, at 7 PM and was attended by fellow Trustees Tom Fermi, Vice Chairman, Merle Ray, Treasurer, Tom Rogers, Bill Patten, and 62 Residents. Andy reminded everyone that they were there to elect a new Trustee and invited everyone to enjoy the refreshments.

Andy asked Tom Fermi to introduce Rich Bennett, Project Manager for Landscaping, etc. Tom summarized the terms of the contract which is for three years starting 12/1/06 with an option at the end of one year to extend for an additional three years. The contract covers lawn maintenance and snow removal at a price of $69,000 per year with a clause for a price adjustment for every .50 cents the price of gas increases. Rich explained how his company operated with a question and answer period after.

Merle Ray, the Election Facilitator then explained the election agenda and process. Any ballots that had not been previously collected were turned in. Merle was assisted in the counting of ballots by Tom Rogers. There was one trustee running for reelection, Andy Habe. He got 65 votes and was reelected with 85% majority.

Andy then introduced the new neighbors that were in attendance. He read an e-mail from Phyllis MacDougall complimenting the Clubhouse committee on the recent breakfast they put on. Andy said that the clubhouse had recently been painted for a total of $1000, one half which the club house committee had paid out of funds they had privately raised. He thanked all involved.

The Trustees have voted not to proceed with the proposed capital improvement expenditure of $9000 and the appreciation dinner due to the cost impact of the new snow removal and landscaping contract and the general inflationary spiral of our operation costs. It is too early to know the total impact on our 2007 budget.

Merle Ray presented the 2005 Accounting Review and Report provided by CPA, Mr Harrigan. The report stated that things were favorable. We are looking for a new CPA as Mr Harrigan does not appear to be available, The Trust is on budget thru June 30, 2006.

Andy reported that the Trustees with regret have terminated DPS Landscaping for failure to perform and hired Carlino Lawncare to do lawn maintenance and Truegreen-Chemlawn to handle the fertilization program thru Nov. 30, 2006.

Tom Fermi recognized and thanked residents who contributed work to the community by painting their decks or bulkheads or in some other area.

Andy gave the State of the Trust.

The open portion of the meeting adjourned around 8PM.


JULY 19, 2006

1. The meeting was opened by Chairman Andy Habe at 7:03 PM with all members present as well as Bill Oncay.

2. The association has need for ladders on a loan basis for various repair jobs. Bill Oncay will place an article in the next newsletter on this subject.

3. Bill Patten will contact owners of a unit concerning removal of flowers around a tree and a person living there who is not authorized to do so.

4. Rules and Regulations Update - Tom Rogers has compiled a list of proposed changes to this document relating to individual line items/paragraphs. This method is required by the Worcester County Registry of Deeds when the revised document is registered. Once completed and successfully registered, owners will receive a copy of the changes to use in updating their copy of the original document. Bill Patten and Bill Oncay will obtain a copy of the original recorded version from Tom Rogers and will finalize the changes for presentation to the Board for approval.

5. There was a discussion of the form of accounting data presented each month to the residents. Apparently some residents do not fully understand the current format. Merle Ray will specifically address this issue at the next open meeting and will offer to meet with any resident (s) who have questions to provide explanations of the data.

6. Leakage of water into the basement of 30 Olde Canal Way was discussed in detail. One solution offered by a vendor was to place a sump pump in the basement at a cost of several thousand dollars. It appears that the water may be coming from an outside source. A down spout extension has been re-routed and dirt under a deck has been re-positioned. These two changes seems to have stopped the leakage but it will be closely monitored in the future.

7. Several leaks have developed in the irrigation system in the area next to the clubhouse. The installation of this part of the system was done in 2004 so the company (Bourque Brothers) will be asked to address this issue as to the reasons for the leaks and warranty coverage. The new landscaping/snow plowing contractor will be asked about maintaining the irrigation system in the future.

8. Tom Fermi advised that Tru-Green will be treating the lawns for crab grass using a liquid.

9. Executive Session

10. Tom Fermi brought up the DPS Landscaping and Construction final bill for discussion. The amount of the bill will be offset by the remaining funds owed to the Association by DPS for an advance made for snow plowing in January, 2006, an escrow amount for a future Workman's Compensation bill and reduction for failing to apply fertilizer. Tom will respond to DPS by mail on this issue.

11. The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM.

Andy Habe, Jr. Chairman