July 9, 2013

The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 8:00 A.M.

Members of the board present: Andy Habe, Roger Lange, Romeo Berthiaume, Marianne Williams, Frank Lary

The Board reviewed criteria for quotes by landscapers who are planning to apply for a contract with Olde Canal Village to perform landscaping and/or snowplow work for 2013-2014. Frank Lary gave the trustees a copy of the requirements and the trustees added their thoughts to the set of criteria presented. This packet of information, which will also include a plot map, will be sent to various vendors from whom the board is seeking quotes. The major change which the board discussed and approved was the time period each contract will be in effect. It was decided that the summer landscaping contract should cover a time period from April through September and the snow plow contract would cover October through March. All payments would be made on the 31st of each month.

1. The cash flow was reviewed and the bill pay report was approved and signed.

2. Leslie reported that, as of Monday July 8, 15 people had signed up for the e-payment of condo fees. Marianne reported that she had given 22 forms to owners requesting one. She said the she has placed some of the forms in the bulletin board by the mail boxes so anyone who is thinking about this convenient way to pay their condo fee would be able to take one. She said that some are concerned they would not have a receipt to acknowledge their payment. Their payment would be recorded by their bank on their bank statement and that would be their receipt. Since this is a bank to bank transfer, no check is sent. The bank is responsible for the transfer taking place on the day the homeowner designates. The board members will be meeting with Wendy Brown, vicechairman at Unibank, on Monday, July 22 to set up the account. All e-payments that have been registered will be transferred for the August payment, unless the homeowner has designated another month.

3. Andy, Frank and the other members of the board will meet with the landscapers who apply for consideration during the last part of July. Frank will send a letter of termination to Waste Management, per their contract, prior to beginning negotiations with them for a new contract. He will also solicit quotes from other trash collection companies. Andy will have a letter written asking to identify all those residents who are not here from November 1 to October 31 and therefore do not contribute to trash pickup.

4. Communication forms: There are several condos that are in need of small repairs. Roger has a short list and Dave Doppler will work on them as soon as possible. He and his helper, Matt, are presently painting the wood areas of the fronts of the units. A new sump pump is need on Nature View Drive. A resident has requested the board consider meeting.

5. a. During the June residents meeting, the residents voted an amendment to the Rules and Regulations regarding the qualifications of one seeking a position on the board of Trustees. Andy had to review our legal documents and identify the key elements that determine eligibility/qualifications and drew up the amendment that was passed by the homeowners at the June meeting. This amendment states that to seek office, a “Resident Candidate must be a Qualified Occupant (55 years of age or older)), a home owner, a Resident, and all Condominium fees paid to date.” The trustees signed a form that would state this amendment and will send it to the Registry of Deeds for recording.

5. b. The handicap parking sign has been installed. The demarcation lines for the parking space will be delayed until the roads have been paved.

5. c. Roger said he is pleased with the work done by Dave Doppler and his assistant, Matt McLean. He said the work is getting done at faster pace than anticipated. Both Dave and Matt are working through the hot days and the work appears to be very thorough.

5. d. The updating of the telephone book: Because of the influx of many new home owners, the question was put to the board as to when a new book would be out. Frank reported that he and Pat update the book on a yearly basis. Every time a home is sold, Frank sends a general notice to the residents via email to pass on the new owners name and telephone number. Residents can then add these names to the pages that have spaces for the addition of new names and telephone numbers.

5. e. A discussion was held regarding the warning about purchasing treated wood products. The warning was centered on the release of arsenic compounds that might leak into the ground. The board decided there was little it could do to prevent the purchase of these wood products because there was no label on the wood denoting the presence or the amount of arsenic in the product.

5. f. The Board decided there was no need to change the clubhouse rules at this time.


* The Board discussed the number of homeowners who have “unqualified” persons staying for extended periods of time. The board would like to remind homeowners that, if it is necessary for family members to live at Olde Canal Village for a long period of time, beyond the 28 days cumulated time as set in the Master Deed, #8b, page 7, they should fill out a Trustee Communication Form to advise the board of this situation.

*If any resident has a complaint regarding any thing they feel is not in compliance with the Rules and Regulations, they should fill out a Trustee Communication form to advise the board of the possible infraction.

*Romeo advised the board that he misspoke when he advised homeowners to shut off the circuit controlling the fire alarms. This will NOT stop the alarm from beeping if the battery is dead. Testing smoke alarms will, once again, take place in October. *Roger reported that he has contacted LaFleur Paving and all driveways, walkways, and roads, including Warsaw Street, will be resealed at the end of August. Roger and Mr. LaFleur will work up a schedule and all residents will be instructed when they will have to park their car(s) in another area while work is being done on their particular portion of the road. The work is expected to take 5-6 days. The board voted to forgo charging the residents on Warsaw Street because it was determined the apportioned amount was too small and therefore it will be assumed by the board.

Meeting adjourned at 11:45A.M.

Respectfully submitted by Marianne Williams