August 10, 2010

The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 3:00 P.M.

Members of the board present: Andy Habe, Roger Lange, Marianne Williams, Romeo Berthiaume, Tom Fermi

Non-board member present: Bill Belforti

Bill Belforti attended the meeting in order to speak on his own behalf regarding the leasing of his condo. He gave a profile of the real estate agent who was going to handle the leasing process if it was approved. He also spoke about the restrictions that would be placed on the potential lessee; that is, no cats or dogs and no smoking. A lease would have to be signed. He wants to lease for one year and then lease-to-buy the second year. He did have questions regarding age restrictions, i.e. what if a 60 year old spouse passed away leaving a 50 year old spouse. Would the 50 year old be allowed to remain in the condo? He also inquired about the placement of signs and what is acceptable. The board then advised Bill it would take his requests into consideration and let him know our decision latter in the evening.

  1. The cash flow statement was reviewed and approved. The bill payment request form was signed and returned to Marianne. Marianne informed the board of the current water bill and Tom reported the new sensor is working as it increased the amount of water used by 30% during the very dry spell we have been having. He will keep trying to readjust the timing to keep the grass watered and yet not waste water or drive the water bill up.

    1. Insulation- Approval letters will be sent out to the homeowners seeking approval for the installation of insulation either by inner installation or outer installation. The one mandate the board has placed on homeowners is to insure that the contractor is licensed in MA.

    2. Privacy fence- Roger is having a section of fencing made up for approval by the board. The 55" x 6' fence section is to be constructed of pressure-treated pine and will be removable in the winter. Michael Garbarino has drawn up a plan for the fence. If the fence is approved by the board, Roger will have a second section constructed. The price of each section is $228.
    3. A lengthy discussion was held concerning the amending of the Master Deed in regards to leasing. It was noted that there would need to be an approval rate of 67% of the Beneficial Interest to change the wording. The board discussed the wording of real estate signs and agreed the word "lease" was not to be part of the sign. Only signs having the name and telephone number of the agency and the agent would be allowed. The board also agreed that the homeowner is responsible for the actions of their tenet and they alone should handle any problems once notified by the board. The board also agreed that the board has a right to interview the prospective lessee. The board also agreed that documentation must be presented to the board indicating that the lessee must adhere to the Rules and Regulations as stated in the manual and the Master Deed. The board then voted unanimously to grant approval for Bill Belforti to lease his condo with the restriction that it would be one year lease-to-buy.

    4. Investigate and identify property lines- No report

    5. Waste Management Contract- no date as been set

    6. Carlino contract- no date has been set. Tom reported that Carlino will split the bill for the bobcat he has to hire to level the grass debris. This is in lieu of the two weeks the grass was not cut during the dry spell.

    7. Dead tree on Connor's property- John Trombert has a friend who is going to come and cut down and remove the dead trees in the area around the complex.

    8. Open communications- no reports to be given.

  2. Trustee comments:

    Roger reported he had done some research on stains because of a complaint by a homeowner for the type of stain used on his deck. Roger suggested looking into Behr stain products which would do the same job as the current brand now used but at a cheaper price. Roger reported that new boards do not react to rain as do the older, re-stained boards. Roger reported finding a shed on sale at Skip's on Rt 16. It is a vinyl sided shed, 12'x16'. A 4" base will be constructed under the shed for a foundation. The shed will hold supplies and equipment currently stored in the closet in the clubhouse. The stain on the roadways is dripping from the Waste Management and is due to liquids in the trash mixing with cat liter. During contract negotiations, Tom will ask if Olde Canal Village could be first on their pick-up list to try to prevent trash leakage from other pick-ups being deposited on our roads.

    Furnace problems- Tom has checked with several furnace companies and reported that cracked heat exchangers cannot cause a fire as the draft is into the furnace and not out into the ductwork. Any furnace inspector can find a cracked exchange. He said there are two safety switches that will automatically shut off the furnace in case of an over heat. There can be some leakage of carbon monoxide so it is recommended that a carbon monoxide detector be place close to the floor near the furnace.

The Board adjourned at 7:00 P.M.
Respectfully submitted by Marianne Williams