Aug 11, 2009

Board member present: Andy Habe, Tom Fermi, Marianne Williams, Romeo Berthiaume
Board member absent: Roger Lange

Andy Habe opened the meeting at 6:30 P.M.
  1. The financial report was given by Marianne. The cash flow statement and bill approval form was discussed and signed.

  2. Andy presented a letter from Richard Viens requesting permission for renewal of lease on the condo owned by his mother, Joan. He indicated in his letter that he plans to put the condo up for sale at the end of 2010. His request was approved.

  3. A . A resident sent a communication asking for an explanation of the use of monies in the reserve account. This was in response to an item in the minutes of the July board meeting. Marianne will write up and explanation and send it and will also make a presentation regarding the purpose and use of the reserve fund at the October general meeting. A resident sent in a form to ask who is responsible for the upkeep of the outside faucets and who repairs if they leak Answer: Even though the faucet is on the outside, the owner is responsible for repairing leaky faucets.. The outside fins of an air conditioner for one of the units has become damaged through the years because of the weed whacking by landscapers. The owner is going to be advised to create a safety zone around the air conditioner so no further damage occurs.

    B/E/ H. . Wilson's work projects: He has completed all sanding and painting projects to date. The Fascias on OCW will not be re-nailed as originally planned but will be repaired unless they are blown away.
    C. Roof Wires: Tom has ordered the wires and the installation will begin in September. The cost of the wire would be borne by the homeowner but the board would assume of cost of installation. Application to have the wires installed should be received by September 1 and the work will be completed by October 31. Wilson indicated that he would be able to install the wires for us. At this time, Tom has applications for 28 orders at a cost of $85.00/wire which will include a 100 ft wire, light adaptors, and installation. At the completion of each installation, an envelop that has the price of the installation written on it will be given the home owner. The home owner will be asked to put the check for the amount indicated into the envelop and either drop it in the box behind the bulletin board or bring it to Marianne at 9 NVD. Checks are payable to OCV Condo Trust.

    D. Tom will send a letter to all residents explaining the safety issue for dryer vent cleaning. Many of the residents are concerned that their neighbors will not consent to the cleaning project and thus put their homes in jeopardy. It was recommended that all units would have the vents cleaned at a cost of $50 per unit to be paid by homeowner. It will be mandatory to have the vents cleaned.. As with the payment for wires, Checks are to be made payable to OCV Condo Trust and deposited in box behind bulletin board or delivered to Marianne at 9 NVD.

    F. The issue of privacy screening will be discussed at the September meeting.

    G. The Emergency Information magnet will be given to the residents. A letter will also be given to the residents to explain the procedure for alerting the proper authorities. All information is ready for building coordinators. Residents are asked to put the magnet in a highly visible spot so information is readily available.

    I. Water sensors- Tom has been investigating new sensor which will shut off the sprinklers when the atmosphere indicates rain is imminent. The quotes from vendors and manufactures vary greatly. He is going to try to get another quote for installation of the sensor. These sensors will save us water use money by detecting rain and then shutting off the sprinklers.

    K/L. . Thirty-two people have signed up for the new smaller recycle bin. It will be available in a few weeks.. It comes with a yellow lid. Thirty -five people have signed for the smaller trash bin.

    M. Several roofs have leaks and can be repaired by the installation of rubberized ice shield and flashing. Belizario is coming to check roofs and give us a quote.

    N. No information regarding sale of house.

    O. The easement problem appears to have been settled. The board will continue to monitor the situation.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by Marianne Williams.