AUGUST 14, 2007

  1. The meeting was opened at 7:00 PM by Chairman Andy Habe with trustees Tom Fermi, Roger Lange, Marianne Williams and Merle Ray present.

  2. Tom Fermi advised the Board that the Landscaping and Snow Plowing/Removal contract with LEI will terminate on December 1, 2007 because of problems associated with their performance the expectations of Olde Canal Village. Discussions are in process with Tony Carlino and Dan's Tire Company to consummate a contract for snow plowing/removal and landscaping effective December 1, 2007. Preliminary negotiations are based on the same price as the LEI contract.

  3. The Rules and Regulations (revised) will be copied by Bill Patten and each owner will receive a copy. The computer disk containing the revised version will be obtained from Tom Rogers and placed in our file as a permanent record.

  4. A notice will be placed on the OCV web site for residents advising them to use the standard communications form to advise the Board of problems, questions, etc. instead of using the telephone. These forms will then become part of the OCV permanent files.

  5. There was a discussion about purchasing a power washer for cleaning building siding which evolved into a further discussion about storage problems for our accumulating equipment and supplies. At this time, the only storage available is in the back room of the clubhouse which is already overcrowded. Roger Lange will purchase a washer and Tom Fermi will look into the availability and cost of a small storage building to be placed on OCV property.

  6. There was a discussion about the best type of bulb to use in the outdoor garage lights. Tom Rogers has been testing various types to find a suitable bulb which will be long lasting. Marianne Williams will talk to Tom as well as look into the availability of a suitable bulb type.

  7. Roger Lange reported that he had received all smoke/fire detector test forms from OCV residents except one. He will contact the owner to get the completed form. He also advised that some garage detectors, when tested, did not cause the remainder of the detectors in the unit to go off. Tom Fermi advised that these should be re-tested because if the button is not held down for a few seconds, the rest of the detectors in the unit may not ring. Roger Lange will look at this problem further.

  8. Various estimates have been received from Brothers Painting for unit leaks (primarily roofs). Marianne Williams will discuss these estimates and take the necessary action for repairs.

  9. A letter has been sent to a unit owner approving an unqualified (age) occupant staying there for three months. If necessary after that time, another request will have to be submitted to the Board for approval.

  10. Documentation for the three-person team concept is still in process and should be finished shortly.

  11. Future assignments for Peter Smith will be provided by Roger Lange.

  12. The meeting adjourned at 9:13 PM.

Andy Habe