August 15, 2013

The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 9:00 A.M..
Members of the board present: Andy Habe, Romeo Berthiaume, Marianne Williams, Frank Lary
Member of the board absent: Roger Lange

1. Cash flow was approved and the monthly bill pay form was signed. There were no reported delinquencies for July or August. The bank statement continues to be incorrect because of the bank fraud that occurred in April. Bank of America has not adjusted the over credit of $26.00. Marianne indicated she will call and try to correct the error.

2. As of August 15, almost 25% of the residents have signed up for the e-transfer for payment of their condo fee. A number of other people have taken applications and have not returned them. This system is proving very successful. The plan eliminates the need for residents to send in checks and, therefore, assures that the fee will be deposited on time, and without the worry of a lost check or the need of a stamp. A new supply of applications was placed in the envelope in the bulletin board near the mailboxes for anyone considering this program. The two new maintenance workers have been sending their worksheets via email to Roger who gives them to Marianne. The board discussed the need to approve all new workers.

3. Frank interviewed four landscapers who are interested in securing a contract with Olde Canal Village. Andy participated in the initial interview with one of the landscapers. Frank will interview two others in the next two weeks. He discussed a new product that is available for melting the snow. There is no sand in the product and it melts the ice at lower temperature. Frank also talked with Waste Management and he reported that the contract erroneously signed was still considered legal and binding. Andy recommended that we do not proceed with any dissenting discussions as the contract is the same and will be in effect just for an additional year. He also noted that we do not have any problems with Waste Management so there was no need to change companies at this time.

4. Communication forms: Romeo has a number of them for trimming of shrubs. Frank will call Scott Chase for repairing the leak in a condo on Olde Canal Way. Bill Oncay has changed the website search name to OurOCV.org. Nancy Jackson reported two trees that have fallen in the wooded area behind her house. Romeo reported they will be taken care of in the fall.

5. Water Line Break
a Water line break- Frank had a proposed quote from Whitinsville Water to locate and correct the control valves. The quote was for $1156.08. Andy suggested we work on this as soon as possible so the water to all the condos will not have to be shut off each time there is a break in the line. Andy suggested a letter be sent to Tony Marinella to update him on the number of breaks and the increasing cost of these breaks. Frank said he had planned to send such a letter.

b. LaFleur Paving- work is scheduled for the week of Aug 19. The plans and maps for parking have been printed and passed out to the residents. The cost of the paving for both roads as well as Warsaw Street is $15,940.00. It will be done in four sections.

c. A homeowner is interested in helping with the activities of the board. Romeo will call him as needed. Andy indicated that it is necessary for other residents to come forward to help with the various functions of the board as well as to consider running for trustee.

d. The addendum passed in the June voting will be printed up and passed out to all residents. The residents will be asked to make an asterisk or star under the Rev 1 Section 3.1.2 titled Vacancies, Appointments and Acceptance of Trustees in Article III on page 2 of the Declaration of Trustee and Rules and Regulations , page 2, with the words "addendum after page 5.". The residents will also be asked to insert the addendum sheet after page 5 before Article IV.

e. Doppler and McLean will be part of the insurance package with the next audit. They are currently insured on the Workers Compensation Policy as workers for Olde Canal Village.

f. A new telephone directory will be published in 2014 with new residents listed. New residents are asked to call Frank Lary at 508-458-5790 to verify phone numbers and email addresses.

g. Crab grass- Andy questioned the amount of crab grass growing in the lawn area. Frank said he will contact Carlino regarding scheduled work on this problem.

6-7. Charter Communications- Right of Entry Agreement- Andy has done significant work investigating the past history of this agreement with other condo associations. He has been in contact with a lawyer who is versed in this process and is willing to work with the board on the legal ramifications of any agreement with Charter. The board will meet with the Charter representative on Thursday, August 22, to ask questions and to listen to the proposal for a right of entry agreement.

8. Romeo has been able to secure the services of a railings contractor. Several residents have requested railing be placed on their front steps. The contractor is E L Gentes Co., Blackstone. If anyone is interested in having rails installed on the front steps, call Romeo for more information. The homeowner is responsible for the cost of installing the rails. The price range is $350-$400 for two steps. Frank passed out copies of the newcomer book that will be given to all new residents. He and His wife, Pat, did considerable work on this book and the board wishes to thank them for the wonderful job they did. Hats off to you both.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30 A.M.

Respectfully submitted by Marianne Williams