August 15, 2014

The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 9:30 A.M..

Members of the board present: Andy Habe, Roger Lange, Romeo Berthiaume, Marianne Williams, Jim Hayden

  1. 1. A question on the miscellaneous line of the bill pay report was raised by several members of the board. Marianne explained that the charge by the bank resulted from a stop payment on a check that had been deposited by the trust and the bank also charged a fee because of the deposit.

    Andy explained the changes made in the snow removal contract with J. R. Dowding. The new contract calls for 20 saltings vs 18 in the old contract, and the salt price has been reduced to $225 from $450 for any additional salting.. Both of these changes will save the trust money but still provide Olde Canal Village with excellent snow removal coverage. Dowding will also reseal the roads and drives in the areas scraped by the plow. The total contract agreed upon had an increase of $2200 because the new contract calls for salting of the walkways.

    Romeo reminded the board that October will soon be here and it will be time for the smoke alarm testing program. Marianne asked that she be allowed to attach an emergency information questionnaire to the smoke alarm testing sheet. Because we have a number of new residents who have not given us this information, and many of the continuing residents might have changed their information regarding who has a key or who has access permission, it is necessary to bring our files up to date. The residents will receive both the fire alarm test sheet and the information sheet from their building coordinator, fill them out, and return them to the coordinator. Romeo will get the alarm form and Marianne will get the information form.

    Roger informed the board that the dead trees in the complex will be cut down on August 20. Those trees that just need trimming will also be attended to on August 20.

  2. 2. A roof on Nature View Drive has been reported as possibly having a leak. Roger will speak with the owners to learn if the roof leaked the previous day when it rained very hard. Romeo has learned that one of our vendors needs a MA license to do repair work but he does not want to because of the work involved. Jim and Roger will get more information as to what is needed to get a permit.

    Bill Oncay would like more information to put on the website bulletin board. All the members agreed that the bulletin board should be used more frequently to communicate with the residents. One of the topics discussed for such communication was the growing problem of dog owners not picking up after their pets. The rules and regulations allows the trustees to fine any owner that is found not cleaning up after their pet. A motion was made to set the fine at $50 with a 10% increase each month the fine is not paid. The motion passed. Dog owners found not picking up after their dog will get a letter from the board warning them of the new fine. The fine will be imposed on any subsequent violation.

    c. Large bulk items to be picked up – Jim will look into the possibility of homeowners calling Waste Management and making their own arrangements. d/e. Roof leak and Dowding reported above.

    1. A resident asked permission to install a gate on the deck to prevent their dog from roaming. Agreed.
    2. The topic of the canopy was tabled for further information.

    1. Deck staining- on schedule. All building should be done by September 19.
    2. A real estate agent called to ask about the rules regarding trucks in the complex. No commercial trucks are to be parked overnight in the driveways.
    3. The Waste Management contract will be allowed to renew automatically.
    4. The board will have a second vote on the budget in December.
    5. The board will continue to review and change the responsibilities of the trustees as situations arise.
    6. Andy will continue to look into the question of what can be allowed on a deck.

    The board has received word that several owners have unqualified residents living in their homes. The board is open to hear reasons why these home owners have people under 55 living in the home. The board feels it is open to family problems, but the board also feels that homeowners have the responsibility of notifying the board if there is a need to house a family member for a short period of time. Any person under 55, other than a spouse, is not allowed to claim residency at Olde Canal Village or to remain here for an undisclosed long term. Any resident who has an unqualified resident in the home should write a letter to board explaining the reason for the violation of this occupancy rule. Romeo reported that Village Green is looking to renew their landscaping contract and that they are seeking a two year contract. Meeting adjourned at 1:30 P.M. Respectfully submitted by Marianne Williams