AUGUST 14, 2006

1. The meeting was opened at 7:05 PM by Chairman Andy Habe with all members present.

2. Andy thanked a number of residents (Beautification Committee, the Clubhouse Cleaning Committee, Bill McGee, Jack Cnossen, John Trombert, and Gil Joe) for their efforts on various tasks at Olde Canal Village. He advised the residents of the Trust's temporary landscaper (Carlino Lawn Care) performance in mowing the lawns and the use of Tru Green for application of chemicals to control crab grass growth, fertilization, etc. The Board will be considering a long term contract with Tru Green for future applications to enhance the appearance of the lawns. We will also consider the use of Bourque Brothers for maintenance of the sprinkler systems including fall closing and spring opening as well as replacing heads and leaking pipes.

3. Tom Fermi gave a recap of our landscaping efforts, sprinkler system problems, painting unit fronts and garage door trim, and weed control. Depending on Budget restraints, the two people currently doing the painting will be utilized to stain decks of those residents who did not do their own.

4. Merle Ray provided the financial status as of July 31. At this point, we are under budget in our expenses due primarily to the decision not to proceed on the $9000 program for new trees and that very little was paid out in July for landscaping costs. Carlino Lawn Care submitted their bill for July after the end of the month. In response to unknown questions by unknown residents concerning financial reports, Merle advised that he had prepared an explanation of these report as to their content and meaning. Since no specific questions had been received, the explanation were a best guess to an unknown problem. As always, copies of all financial documents can be obtained from Merle as well as responses to any questions concerning financial affairs.

5. A resident asked about the annual accounting review status. Merle Ray advised that the review had been completed and was posted on the bulletin board. However, efforts to get the CPA who did the report to present it at an open Board of Trustees meeting have been unsuccessful. A new CPA will be sought to do the review for 2006. There was also a question about the amount of reserve funds that we set aside each year. Some proponents suggest that 25% of the monthly fees be set aside for this purpose. We currently place $1500 per month into this account because our aggressive maintenance programs will extend the life of our facilities beyond the normal time span. This also enables us to maintain a lower condo fee. Everyone should keep in mind that only one source of income is available to us for any expense and that is our condo fees.

6. Tom Rogers advised everyone that in a few days, cell phone numbers will be provided to telemarketing companies. Residents can block these calls for at least five years by placing their name on the no-call list available at 888-382-1222.

7. The meeting adjourned at 7:37 PM. Andy Habe, Jr. Chairman


AUGUST 14, 2006<

1. The meeting was opened by Chairman Andy Habe at 7:45 PM with all members present.

2. Tom Rogers provided copies of the Rules and Regulations which are recorded at the Registry of Deeds to Bill Patten and for Bill Oncay. These will be used to develop changes needed to this document for presentation to the residents for their approval. Once approved, the changes will be recorded with the Worcester County Register of Deeds. Bill Patten, Tom Rogers and Bill Oncay will put together a package for presentation at the September meeting.

3. The water leak at 30 Olde Canal Way seems to be caused by water from the downspout at 32 Olde Canal Way. The downspout extension at 32 Olde Canal Way needs to be re-routed in some manner. Tom Fermi and Andy Habe will look at this situation.

4. Tom Fermi advised that we should go back to Bourque Brothers for the sprinkler system maintenance. We should try for a 3 year contract for spring opening, fall closing and maintenance as required. He will look into this to obtain the best cost.

5. Carlino Lawn Care does not have workers compensation coverage. We need to determine from the insurance auditor the formula they use for determining the added cost to our policy for Carlino’s workers and any other people we contract with for maintenance and repair. Tom Fermi asked to be included in the meeting with the Insurance Auditor and Merle Ray on August 21.

6. Tom Fermi will contact Landscaping Etc. to obtain an agreement for snow plowing and removal prior to the beginning of their contract (December 1) if required. If we receive snow in November, we have no contractor at this time.

7. The new owners (Roger and Judy Lange) at 21 Nature View Drive have requested approval to extend their deck as was requested by the previous owners. This was approved by a 5 to 0 vote.

8. The question was raised as to whether we still needed access to a 16’ ladder. The consensus was that we do. We also have to look for a new CPA to perform our annual accounting review. Merle Ray and Andy Habe will look at a couple of possibilities. We also will need a new file clerk (volunteer) when Kathy Bordoni leaves the community as planned.

9. Tom Rogers advised that he has almost finished the conversion of garage lights to daylight darkness sensors. Only three units remain to be converted.

10. Tom Fermi and Bill Patten will look at methods and cost of removing mildew from sidings.

11. Attendance by residents at monthly Board of Trustees meetings by unit owners has been minimal. Andy Habe suggested that we have open meetings on a quarterly basis instead of every other month. The intent is to draw larger community attendance and participation with the quarterly open meeting. This was approved by a vote of 5 to 0. However, time will be provided to home owners at the beginning of each month’s board meeting to communicate personal or Trust business with the Trustees.

12. The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 PM.

Andy Habe, Jr.


SEPTEMBER 18, 2006

1. The meeting was opened by Chairman Andy Habe, Jr. at 07:05 PM with all members present.

2. Chairman Habe asked Bill Patten about the status of the planned revision of the Condo Documents. Bill advised that Bill Oncay would no longer be involved in this project because of other commitments. He also provided samples of the manner in which the Rules and Regulations would be revised. One would show the current rules and regulations with changes highlighted and the other would show the revised rules and regulations after inclusion of the changes (see samples attached).This method was approved by the Board with all members voting "Yes". Tom Rogers agreed to work with Bill Patten to accomplish this task.

3. Merle Ray advised that the Bookkeeper (Leslie St. Jean) and he had both had experienced a variety of computer problems for the month of August. As a result, some of the expenses may not have been categorized correctly and problems occurred in depositing funds in the bank. Some residents' checks did not clear in a timely manner. Reasons for this situation were not discovered but both systems are now operating in a normal fashion.

4, Preparations for the completion of the FY 2007 Budget were discussed. Tom Fermi presented his input and Merle Ray will consolidate other requirements with Tom's document and the Board will review the completed package at the October 12 meeting.

5. Basement water leakage and radon gas presence were both discussed as to the responsibility of the Trust. Water problems will be handled on a case by case basis. Bill Patten will look into the radon gas situation and present his findings at the next meeting. Tom Fermi advised that the water leak on Nature View Drive had been repaired by the Whitinsville Water Company at a cost of $1,675.86. Additionally, a letter is forthcoming from the water company describing the reason(s) for the leak. In turn, we will send a letter to the builder in an attempt to get him to reimburse the Trust for the cost.

6. Chairman Habe asked about the condition of the lawns throughout the complex. Crab grass has invaded most of the lawns leaving them in poor shape. Tom Fermi advised that TruGreen has treated the grass but could not get rid of all of the crab grass. It will disappear as the weather gets colder.

7. The special events (4th of July, etc) parking was discussed and it was suggested that we have a couple of people at the circle for those occasions along with no parking signs to discourage non-residents from parking in the complex.

8. Tom Fermi brought up the question of snow plowing and removal for the months of October and November if needed. He has approached the new contractor (LEI) about the cost for this and they have proposed coverage at a cost of $4000 whether it snows or not. Other contractors will be approached to find a more reasonable solutrion.

9. A 16' ladder has been purchased and is available for use. The conversion of the garage lights to sensors is complete and decks are in the process of being painted. Grass cutting in October on a bi-weekly basis was discussed but was dismissed as not being cost effective. Tom Fermi will talk to the contractor about a seeding and fertilization program.

10. The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 PM. Andy Habe, Jr. Chairman