Trustee Meeting Minutes Aug 9, 2011
August 9, 2011

The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 3:00 P.M. Members of the board present: Andy Habe, Tom Fermi, Roger Lange, Romeo Berthiaume, Marianne Williams

  1. The cash flow sheet was discussed and approved. No problems or errors found. Marianne said that although there were 4 reported delinquencies in condo fee payments, all but one was corrected. Marianne then explained to the members of the board the ongoing problems with Chartis Insurance regarding the mail audit that was completed in July. One of the subcontractors listed on the audit form did not have his own workers compensation insurance. As a result, he will be included on the Olde Canal Village policy which might greatly increase our premium. Marianne notified the board that this one vendor has subsequently purchased workers compensation insurance and that will be good for next years audit.

  2. Roof leaks- Tom reported that most of the roof damaged has been repaired on Nature View Drive except for Lange and Derderian. Once these roofs have been repaired, the work will begin on Olde Canal Way. He reported that the wrong color shingles on Alice Gregorys' house will be replaced in the fall with more closely matching shingles.
    As of the date of the meeting, the board has not heard anything regarding the results of the adjusters inspection of the roofs to find out if we qualify for insurance coverage to help pay for the repair of the roofs.

  3. Budget Review- the discussion revolved around the alternative ways of getting money to help pay for the roofs in repair. It was generally considered that we will get no help from the insurance. The possibility of an assessment was again discussed with the majority of board members not wanting an assessment. Since we are looking at a condo fee increase for the year 2012, the members felt that asking the condo owners for an assessment check was not a good idea. Because the time limit for suing the contractor for shoddy construction has passed, the possibility of getting any reparation from Mr. Marinella is remote. However, Tom will construct a letter to him and include pictures of the roofing and adjacent walls to show how poorly the condo were built. He is waiting to hear from the insurance company who will send a report along with pictures that the adjustor took during his inspection.

  4. Roger passed out a proposal sheet for increasing the budget for 2012 by $20 and every third year thereafter by $10. The 2012 increase would mandate that $15 of the increase be dedicated to the budget while the remaining amount of the $20 (because of BI, homeowners will be increased by varying amounts) will be for the reserve account. The purpose is to increase the amount of money available for expenditures so the reserve will not have to be used for ordinary expenses. Beginning in 2015, the increase of $10 will go directly to reserves to begin building funds for the roof replacement scheduled for 2025. While the proposal is solid, the board also stated that this is a proposal only and can be amended as the need arises. Since it is impossible for the board to predict what the future will bring, planning ahead should set the Condo Association on the right path. The board also discussed the need to reduce spending in order to keep the condo increase working without asking for an even greater amount in the years to come.

    Tom said the contract with Carlino indicates that the cost will be the same in 2011 as it is in 2010. However, in 2012, his contact calls for an increase of $918. Tom is continuing to adjust the water output to 25 minutes every other day- odd or even. He will drop down to 20 minutes per day in the fall.

    Tom then passed out a list of suggestion for the working of the finance committee.

  5. Warsaw Street and the circle- the town does not normally plow the circle when it plows Warsaw St. However, Tom has been in contact with Mark Anderson form the Heritage Design Group and he learned that the city is giving Olde Canal Village the option of having the circle plowed when Warsaw St is plowed. Tom discussed this with board and gave his opinion to turn down the offer. Tom said that, because Carlino comes to plow often times before the city plows, he is concerned that the city would plow in the mailboxes and the entrances to both Olde Canal Way and Nature View Drive. If that happens, Carlino would have to come back to reopen the streets and clear the mail box area at an added charge. The board voted to decline the offer by the city.

  6. Irrigation by Well water- The board members, Clyde Powell, and John Trombert met with a drilling company to get information on the feasibility of using well water for irrigating the lawns. It was determined, because of financial reasons as well as logistical problems, such a project was not a good idea.

  7. Wilson will finish window trim and paint #19 OCW bulkheads doors. He will also inspect the sprinkler heads and replace if necessary. It was suggested that Wilson also check the three sump pumps in the complex to insure they are all in working order.

  8. Bill Oncay asked the board to respond to communication forms by emailing the sender directly rather than through the webmaster.

  9. Tom is waiting for quotes from Le Fleur for sealing the roads, total sealing including drives and walks as well as partial sealing of roadways only.

Meeting adjourned at 6:45 P.M.

Respectively submitted by Marianne Williams