September 12, 2013

The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 9:00 A.M..
Members of the board present: Andy Habe, Roger Lange, Romeo Berthiaume, Marianne Williams, Frank Lary

Andy presented the new contract between Charter Communications and Olde Canal Village Trust with regards to right-of-entry. Paragraph #16, which was not acceptable with the trustees, has been worked out and the board accepts the contact as it currently stands. Frank will research how many board members must sign the contract or is it sufficient to have just Andy sign on behalf of the entire board.

1. The cash flow was reviewed and approved. The bill pay, while correct in total, was mistyped by the treasurer who said she will correct for the next meeting. No delinquencies were reported. The question of condo fee increase was discussed and no agreement was reached as it would depend on the new contract for landscaping/snow removal. Marianne said she is planning to add two water line repairs for Nature View Drive into next year’s budget because the likelihood that such a break, or two, will occur is quite high. An increase in condo fees is scheduled for 2015 as the board approved a three year cycle of increases with varying amounts of the fee dedicated to the reserve fund to help build it up for the re- roofing which will be needed in 2024-2025

2. Andy suggested we make an all-out effort to get more residents enrolled in the epay program which is reaping benefits for the trust. This program asks the residents to have their condo fees paid directly from their bank account. It relieves the condo owner of having to remember to write a check each month, saving them the cost of the check, the worry about the check not arriving in time, or not all, as well as the cost of the stamp and the envelope. Even if the owner is away having a good time in Florida, their condo fee is automatically paid. All the owner has to do to verify the payment is to visit the website of their bank to be sure it was taken out. The payment cannot get lost in the mail as it is not mailed but paid by electronic transfer of funds. Payment can even be scheduled for the 5th of the month and not be late. The 5th of the month is the last day of the grace period and a fee of $20 is levied against any late payment. With E-payment, there is no late payment as it is transferred on the day the resident selects to have this withdrawal made. It is a win-win situation for both the resident and the trust. Andy suggested the forms be made available on the bulletin board. Leslie’s address is on the bottom of the form. Just fill it out and mail it in to Leslie. Several of those who have enrolled expressed delight in having one less thing to worry about. Leslie is willing to reduce her fee if this program is successful. The board would like to see at least 50% of the residents signed up for the program.

3. Snow removal/landscaping- Frank will ask the owners of the two landscaping concerns that the board has chosen as possible contractors to attend a meeting to explain their company and to get a feel for the wants of the trust.

4. Trustee communication forms - Nancy Jackson has reported two dead trees that will be taken care of. Roger will take to Dave Doppler regarding these trees.

5. Open items-

6. Charter Communication- discussed at the beginning of the meeting.

7. Comments: Larry Peloquin refinished the bench that is in front of the building. The board extends many thanks to Larry and Arlene for their help. Margo helped Romeo readjust the heavy trees he recently planted in front of the clubhouse. Thank you, Margo for the helping hand when needed. Thank you to the Red Hats for donating $100 to purchase the trees that Romeo planted. Thank you, girls. Anyone wishing to donate to the Beautification Committee is welcome to call Andy. Romeo reminds everyone that October is smoke alarm testing month. The forms will be given to the building reps to pass out to the homeowners. Homeowners are reminded that when testing, the test button should be pushed until all the alarms answer and are set off. Then the next alarm is tested in the same way. The ones that are up high can be tested using a long broom handle to push the button. Two people are needed for proper testing. All forms are to be returned to the building reps before October 31. Call Romeo for help if needed.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30 A.M.

Respectfully submitted by Marianne Willliams