1. Chairman Andy Habe opened the meeting at 7 pm by inviting everyone who attended.

2. Al Bresciani and Carole LaValle were thanked for joining the “Paint Your Front Door Program”. Al has also joined the “Stain your own deck Program”. Gil Joe and Ed Machacz were thanked for their efforts in cleaning the outside of their units. We also thank Eleanor Dafiotis, Clyde Powell and Gil Joe for giving their decks a second staining.

3. The Trustees wanted to thank Carole Miller for her hard work and efforts in organizing the Community Garage Sale and John Igo for making and placing the signs.

Refreshments at the clubhouse were a great success with a net profit of $75.50; thanks to Sylvia Habe, Phyllis MacDougall, Ann Krause, Maureen Tremblay, Lynn Powell for their participation. Everyone had a great time doing it.

4. Andy Habe thanked new home owners Lillian & Louis Palermo of 33 NVD for their contribution of a brand new coffee maker to the clubhouse.

5. Vice Chairman Operations Tom Fermi had a few operational comments.

Tom reported that the rotary signs were being repainted and would be ready on Tuesday. There will also be two “do no enter” signs.

6. Financial Trustee Merle Ray gave the August financial results.

Treasurer Merle Ray reported that we were within budget with no problems forseen for the rest of the year.

7. State of the Trust

Chairman Habe read this month's state of the trust report. The report in its entirely can be found in this month's newsletter.

The meeting was opened for questions.

The first comment was regarding the recent letter from the Town of Uxbridge water department. A problem has been found that causes an odor in the water. The DEP was consulted and a solution developed is to put chlorine in the water.

One resident reported a problem with his garage door closing then automatically opening again as if it hit an obstruction. It was discussed and suggested that the door is binding and might require travel guide adjustment and lubrication.

Barbara VanHeest is putting up a list of items that would be welcomed by the Hurricane Katrina victims. There will be a drive to collect any contributions.

Chairman Habe previewed the four upcoming meetings for people to discuss the amended Rules and Regulations.

It was suggested that the Association consider placing an “Olde Canal Village” sign at the end of Warsaw St.

It was reported that the Dusk to Dawn conversion project is back underway now that parts are on hand.

Ruth Anderson reported that since the seal coating, the sidewalks are difficult to see.





SEPTEMBER 12, 2005


1.  Chairman Andy  Habe opened the meeting at 7:32  PM with all members present as well as Bill Oncay.

2.  The status of the revised Rules and Regulations was reviewed. Each owner has received a copy for review. A letter of notification will be sent to all owners about the meetings to be held for discussions on the proposed revision . Meetings will be held with 18 owners each attending starting September 26 and continuing on October 3, 10, and 17. The new documents will also contain information concerning the levy of penalties for failure to follow the rules such as exceeding the speed limit, parking on unauthorized areas, landscaping changes without  Board of Trustees authorization, etc. Suggested penalties are $0 for a first violation, $25 for the second and  $50 for the third within a fiscal year. Non-payment  of penalties could result in application of a lien against the unit. If a delinquent unit owner would attempt to sell their unit or re-finance the mortgage on the unit,  the required 6d certificate would indicate this and payment  would be required prior to completion of the sale or re-financing. The current Board of Trustees Communication Form will also be part of the new Rules and Regulations.

 .3.  A copy of the Rules and Regulations penalties and the Communication Form will be attached to the next newsletter. An article will also be included about the damage to lawns and sprinkler heads caused by parking vehicles on the lawn areas.

4.  Nothing new has occurred in the plans for lighting the dark areas. Bill Patten and Bill Oncay will continue to address this problem. Bill Patten will also work on getting the dead tree remains removed.

5.  There was a discussion concerning  the planting of decorative flowers in the mulched area around the new trees placed  in front of units. The Board members had mixed reactions on this subject and a vote was taken with 3 voting  yes to the question of allowing this to occur and 2 abstained. This new rule will be effective with next year’s planting season.

6.  Bill Oncay left the meeting at 8:05 PM.

7.  Tom Fermi reported on the results so far concerning the attempt to get Marinella to pay for the reversal of gutters on A units. It was Tom’s intent to fund half of the changes this year and the remainder next year. However, discussion with Tony Marinella indicated that he could provide on-site seamless gutters at a cost to Olde Canal Village of $55.00 per unit ($1700 for all) which would be a sizeable savings from the current estimates. The Board agreed to have it done if this price included materials, manufacture and installation.

8.  Merle Ray passed out FY 2006 Budget Requirements forms to appropriate Board members.

9.  The Insurance Committee is still working on obtaining quotes on our insurance program for FY 2006. 

10.  Plans are being worked on for transplanting two pine trees behind the Nature View Drive units next to the clubhouse. One will replace one that died and the other will be added behind the Millers’ unit (at their cost). However, there will be no guarantee that it will survive  nor will it be replaced at our cost.

11.  There was a short discussion on common area capital improvements requirements for FY 2006. Tom Fermi mentioned that he would like to see more trees planted  particularly in open areas. It was agreed that we need some professional guidance on this area.

12.  Merle Ray brought up the growth of trees and other vegetation in the holding pond. If nothing is done about it , we may have a problem in the future in this area. There also may be an environmental problem developing in this area. Nobody was familiar with any of the environmental rules concerning holding ponds of this nature.  Additional information will be sought concerning this area.

13.  Merle Ray also brought up a question posed by our bookkeeper concerning deposits of the condo payments. She is currently going to the Bank of America branch is Worcester several times a month to deposit these funds into our account. There  is a Bank of America ATM kiosk near her residence at which she could deposit these funds, however, she does not have an access card to the facility (normally access is obtained by inserting an ATM/Credit card). The Uxbridge branch of Bank of America will be asked if there is a solution to this problem such as issuance of a restricted card allowing only access to the facility and deposits of funds.

14.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:42 PM.

Andy Habe, Jr.