Sept 13, 2011

The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 3:00 P.M.
Members of the board present: Andy Habe, Tom Fermi, Roger Lange, Romeo Berthiaume, Marianne Williams

  1. The monthly cash flow was discussed and approved. Marianne pointed out that the reserve cash flow was increased by $11,310 on Sept 1st because a CD matured and was deposited rather than renewed. There was only one delinquent condo payment for the month of Sept. Marianne stated that the new policy of condo fees due on the first of the month is working very well and it is easier to pay the bills when all the money is available rather than the former policy which brought money in by bits and pieces and bills could not be scheduled for payment because of the uncertainty of available funds. She credits the residents for cooperating with this new policy. The conflict with the workers compensation premium was resolved and the increase for this year, because of the uninsured vendor, was $458. Tom will speak to the vendor and work out a settlement whereby the vendor will pay half of the increased premium.

  2. Marianne reported that, as of Sept 12, the payments to Scott Chase for the repair of the roofs and the materials needed for the repairs over $41,000. The money to pay for these repairs is being taken out of the reserve fund which greatly depletes this fund. Scott has hired a new man to speed up the work on the roofs in order to complete the project before winter. Andy and Tom are working on a letter which will be sent to Tony Marinella, the original contractor, to inform him of the serious defects in the construction of the roofs and the incorrect installation of the ice shields which caused the damage in 24 condos this past winter. The Board will be seeking financial assistance from Mr. Marinella which would help us pay for these repairs and will include information relating to the water pipe breakage we have had in the past years to present. To date, there have been seven breakages due to improper laying of pipes on Nature View Drive. Each breakage has cost the trust over $2000 in repair costs. Pictures and affidavits, to attest to the poor work done while constructing Olde Canal Village, will be attached. The insurance company denied our claim for damaged roofing due to ice dams because of the initial poor construction.

  3. Marianne said she will have a proposed budget for 2012 for the October meeting. The final budget must be voted on in December. The second vote on the new condo fee increase of $20 per condo, as determined by Beneficial Interest, for FY2012 was passed 4 to 1.

  4. The purpose and intent of the financial committee was discussed and it was verified that this committee will work to assist the Board member with filing/clerical, helping with financial programs, aid to a new Finance Board Member coming on the board. As an extra hand, when needed, at the discretion of the Board and the Finance Board Member. The board, however, will have the final say on all decisions regarding financial matters.

  5. Open communication forms- At the date of the meeting, Wilson was complete in all his work. There have been instances when condo owners are asking for work which should be the onus of the owner. One of these tasks is the cleaning of the bulbs on the garage security lights. Owners should be able to clean these lights and then spray the area with Home Defense Max which will keep the area clean for a while. Owners are asked to help their neighbor if that neighbor is elderly and cannot do the cleaning necessary. Another area is the use of a timer to regulate the security light. While the use of a timer is not violating any condo rule or regulation, the timer must be set and adjusted to the sunset and sunrise times. The use of sensors in the security lights does this job of turning the lights on and off -dusk to dawn. Tom has been working with Mr. LeFleur of LeFleur Paving and has received a proposal of $7000 to repave the roads only. Mr. LaFleur said this price was good for this year only. However, after further discussion, Mr. LaFLeur suggested that the price might also be available for 2012 depending on the cost of materials next year. Andy has asked that the newsletter, as a practice, now be published in conjunction with the three general homeowners meetings of the board. This was approved. The Board discussed the procedure to undertake regarding the letter and proposal to Mr. Marinella. If Mr. Marinella is not open to our petition for aid in paying for the repairs to the roofs, then legal action would be considered as the next step.

Comments- Romeo will write up a stipulation that will prohibit overnight parking on the roads and sidewalks. This overnight parking, which seems to have increased, is dangerous because of the narrow streets and poor lighting. Any cars that cannot be parked in the drive of the condo owner should be parked in the clubhouse lot and removed before 8:00 A.M. of the following day. A vote was taken to give Wilson a bonus of $200 for the work and long hours he put in cleaning up after Irene. Approved. Roger suggested the board buy a wood chipper which would help keep the village free of broken branches. Approved. Tom suggested the testing of sump pumps be put on a spring schedule. He also suggested that the irrigation system be check by Wilson twice a year- June and August- to check for non-working sprinklers. Approved./p

Meeting adjourned at 5:30 P.M.

Respectively submitted by Marianne Williams