Sept 14, 2010

The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 3:00 P.M. Members of the board present: Andy Habe, Roger Lange, Marianne Williams, Romeo Berthiaume, Tom Fermi

1.The cash flow statement was reviewed and approved. The bill payment request form was signed and returned to Marianne. The monthly expenses were $18,686 and the income from common fees was $16284. The cost of the shed was $3990.20 and the was paid for from reserve as this was considered an extraordinary expense. Marianne asked the board to consider making a walkway to the shed so Wilson does not have to walk through the grass and mud when it is wet. Constant trudging through the grass will also make an unattractive path. The question was tabled until spring. Marianne informed the board that two CDs were maturing. She will call the bank to ask about the new interest rate and decide whether or not to change the maturity time depending on the going rate.

2. Andy notified the board that he has heard from Bill Belforti regarding the sale of the condo. Bill indicated he understood the feelings of the board regarding leasing and is confident he will be able to sell his condo. A sign has been placed on Warsaw St.

3. A discussion was held by the members of the board regarding the correct meaning of the terms "lease to buy" and "lease to sell." The term 'lease to buy" indicates the lessee was interested in buying. The term "lease (with intent) to sell" requires the owner to lease the condo for one year by a licensed realtor and, if not sold, the issue would be revisited by the board to determine if the intent to sell is legitimate. All contracts would be reviewed by the board. It was agreed that the correct use of the term "lease to sell" should have been in the August minutes. Therefore, the minutes were amended to read "The Board voted unanimously to grant approval to lease his condo with a restriction that it would be "one year Lease to sell by realtor." Romeo suggested that the board members think about the above restriction and a vote be taken again next month to assure all members feel the same way.

4. A vote was taken to formalize the trustee vote procedure by using a show of hands. The vote passed.

5. A question of changing the Rules and Regulations regarding leasing was held over until next month.

6. Privacy barrier- Roger informed the board that the privacy fence had to be altered slightly and it had not been completed for inspection by the board. Roger also told the board that the builder of the fence indicated that the cost of constructing the fence might be reduced if a sufficient number of people wanted to order one.

7. Wall insulation- letters were sent to those who inquired about adding insulation to their outside walls. As of the meeting date, there has been no response to the letters.

8. Property line- tom reported that neither he nor Wilson have been able to locate the markers for the boundary lines near the canal area. They will continue to look as there is concern as to where the Trust property ends and state land begins.

9/10. Contracts- Tom and Andy will be meeting soon with Tony Carlino and Waste Management regarding new contracts. There was a lengthy discussion by the board members regarding the damage done to the lawns. Romeo presented his opinion that the bill given to the board by Tony Carlino for the repair should have been less since it was felt that Carlino himself was responsible in part for the damage. The discussion revolved around the fact was that there was an over dissemination of weed killer resulting in killing of the grass. Tom felt that part of the problem was also caused by the hot, dry weather conditions we experienced this past summer. Andy and Tom will take these concerns as well as other concerns regarding the landscaping and snow removal into the negotiation session. They will also check to be sure Carlino is licensed for dispensing of insecticides and fertilizers. It was agreed by everyone, however, that Carlino is a conscientious vendor and that the problems we present to him are always handled in a professional manner. The discussion with Waste Management will include reviewing the process of cleaning the roads after leakage from the dumpster as well as downsizing the size of the trash barrels.

11. Marianne reported the total cost of the shed was $3990.20.

12. Open communication forms: Sue Paulus inquired about cutting down the dead trees in her area. The person who is cutting the trees will be here the weekend of the 19/20... Wilson will cut the small ones and the tree man will cut the large ones. Marianne informed the board that she gave Wilson his quarterly bonus of $100. Romeo and Marianne will go on Friday to buy plants for the areas around the white pine trees as well as the forsythias for the area by the retention pond. Tom reported that a drain was installed in Thomas' drive to alleviate the constant puddle that collects when it rains. Tom also reported on the cracked window frame in Wyble's condo. A salesman from the window company will come to inspect the frame to determine who is responsible and if the frame is under warranty. There was some thought that perhaps the leak was coming from above the window and the water was finding its way through the crack. The source of the leak will have to be checked out.

The meeting adjourned at 5:30P.M.

Respectively submitted by Marianne Williams