September 18, 2012

September 27 minutes follow



The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 3:00 P.M.

Members of the board present:  Andy Habe, Roger Lange, Romeo Berthiaume, Marianne Williams, Frank Lary


1.  The cash flow and the bill payment record were discussed and approved… Marianne will look into whether or not trustees are covered by workers compensation.  Scott Chase has not furnished a bill for Repair work done to Machacz condo.  Marianne called and he said he would submit one.


2. Fire walls- Frank is to get more information from Mr Marinella regarding the proper corrections to the Firewalls. Marinella is to identify to us proper corrections of firewalls, to his original building plans, that were originally submitted to the town inspector.  Frank has contacted and/or talked to Marinella Construction, the Town of Uxbridge Planning Dept., Andrews Survey, and RC Searles Associates in an effort obtain copies of original building drawings.  All have said they do not have copies or have refused to respond to my repeated requests.    All have indicated that they do not have either as built, or any copies of Olde Canal Village drawings. 

Once representatives of Marinella complete what they consider proper fire wall installation we will then request that the Town of Uxbridge building inspector review  that work.   We agreed that any future repairs needing to be completed as a result of that Town inspection, are Marinella responsibility and at his expense.  Marinella will start his repairs on or about November 1, 2012.

Marinella seems to have been stalling on our inspection and correction of the firewalls and we will not allow him to continue his stalling tactics.  Brandon Lynch was here to complete the fire wall at 27 OCW  and said that if the inspector at the time (year 2000) of the construction said the fire walls met code, then they are alright as is.  Frank will contact the town inspector and ask him to come and check to establish  that the code has been met once Marinella representatives complete what they say is to the code. 


3.  Warsaw Street-  Frank will take the minutes.  Roger and Romeo have been in contact with Benn Sherman regarding the replacement of the signs.  The Private sign will be changed to Private Way.  The Live Parking signs will be removed and replaced with No Parking Signs. Permission to trim the trees hanging around the signs will be needed from the owners.  A sign indicating Private Property- NO Trespassing will be erected at the end of the street.


4.  The board will meet with the owners of the neighboring homes (Wiersmas and Connors) on Sept 27 at 7:00P.M. to discuss the ramifications of Warsaw Street being part of Olde Canal Village.


5.  Water leak.   Marianne notified the board that she has been in touch with the insurance company regarding the claim for the broken pipe.  The deductible for this claim is $5000 and our bill for the repair was $5695. Marianne referred the appraiser to Frank since he oversaw the repair of the broken water line.  Frank has not heard from the appraiser as of this date.  Whitinsville Water Company has written a concise report regarding the improper construction of the pipe which resulted in its break.  The Whitinsville Water Company has also supplied the board with a list of past breakages that indicate a pattern of poor construction by the Marinellla Construction Company.  These breaks seem to be solely on Nature View Drive with no breaks occurring on Olde Canal Way.  At this time the board is discussing the possibility of legal action against the Marinella Construction Company regarding these breaks.


6.  Open communication forms- Wilson is caught up on his seasonal work. He spruced up the retention pond, cleaned gutters and washed the building.  Roger reported that the electrician will be here the first week of October.  He will get the permits and the permission for the meter.  All plans for the owners garage sale are in place.  The board discussed the altercation between a homeowner and a vendor.  If a homeowner finds fault with a vendor, the homeowner is to contact a trustee via a communication form and should not, under any circumstances, harass or complain to the vendor. 


7.   It is noted that the grass clippings have been dumped in the wrong area behind the condos.  Andy and Frank will meet with Carlino to discuss the proper placement of clippings so that there is enough room in the designated area for these clippings.  They will also discuss the use of lime on the clippings to eliminate the smell of decaying grass.  Frank reminded the board that lime is a chemical and should be used with care in the area of the canal.


The board discussed the possibility of hiring a surveyor for Warsaw Street.


Frank will contact several roofing concerns regarding additional estimates for the reroofing of 33-35 OCW. The estimate received by the board from a vendor was very high.


Comment:  The gas pipes at the ends of the building are getting rusty and must be repaired.  The plastic dryer vents are being to crumble.  Frank will look into new vent covers.  Frank revised the book for new residents.  It is shorter, with less material.  The Rules and regulations and the Master Deed are to be passed on to new owners.  It was decided by the board that new owners will now have to sign a receipt indicating that they have received these documents.  Any owner losing their copy of the Rules and Regulation/Master Deed will be charged $25 for a replacement copy.  October is fire awareness month and all residents will be required to test their alarms.  Building representatives will be passing out the forms to be completed by each homeowner after testing.  Residents are reminded that they must press the button on each alarm until all the alarms respond before they move on the next alarm.  Each alarm must communicate with the other alarms in order to be checked as working.



September 27, 2012



The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 6:15 P.M.

Members of the board present:  Andy Habe, Roger Lange, Romeo Berthiaume, Marianne Williams, Frank Lary


The board was called to a special meeting prior to meeting with Mr. and Mrs. Wiersma and Mr. and Mrs. Connors.


1.  The Dig Safe people came to examine the area where the electricity will be installed for the shed.  It was approved.


2.  The parking rules which will be presented to the neighbors using
Warsaw Street were approved by a 4-1 vote.  Frank, Andy,  and Wayne Plante from Whitinsville Water  will meet with Benn Sherman regarding the water break problems on Nature View Drive.


 Minutes of Meeting with Mr. and Mrs. Wiersma and Mr. and Mrs. Connors


The meeting was opened at 7:00P.M.


Andy welcomed the invited neighbors.  He  explained who he was and the purpose of the meeting.  He then turned the meeting over to Frank who gave a time line of events from the first notification of ownership of Warsaw St  to the present time.  Then he turned the meeting over to Romeo who explained the proposal of signage for the street.  Mr Wiersma commented that he had two events per year and that parking on Warsaw Street was essential as parking on Oak Street presented greater danger for traffic.   Mrs. Wiersma then informed the board that, many years ago, she was granted permission, by the police department, to allow guests to park in the restricted area.   A compromise was reached regarding casual parking.  The Wiersmas’ agreed to  notify a trustee when they were planning an event so we would be aware of those who would be parking in the proposed no parking area.   The cost of maintenance was discussed and Andy explained that, when it is necessary for road repair or paving, the board would get two estimates. One estimate would cover the roads in Olde Canal Village and the second would cover that section of road from Connors to the end.  The cost of repair to that section would be divided by 74 and the resulting figure would be assessed to both families.  Example, if the cost to repair that section of the road was $740, the two families would be assessed $10 each.   They agreed to this formulation.   Andy also said that the board would inform them when plans were made to do any repair of reconstruction.


The board voted to change the meeting date to the 2nd Thursday of each month at 9:00 A.M.


Meeting adjourned at 5:30 P.M.


Respectively submitted by Marianne Williams