Sept 9, 2009

  1. Board member present: Andy Habe, Tom Fermi, Marianne Williams, Roger Lange, Romeo Berthiaume

  2. Andy Habe opened the meeting at 6:30 P.M..

  3. The board reviewed the cash flow and the Balance Sheet for the month of August. Andy asked Marianne to research how Leslie comes up with the figure under Liabilities and Equity on the Balance Sheet. The Bill payment for the month of August was approved and signed.

  4. Andy indicated that refreshments would be served at the Oct 13 meeting as it is the last general meeting of the year.

    1. Trustee forms- all work has been completed.

    2. The bees have been removed form the residences except for Anderson's because they are under his plants. When the tomato plants are pulled up, The bees will be exterminated.

    3. Wilson will start installing the roof wires the week of the 13th. Thirty-five wires will be installed.

    4. Air Teck- 41 residents have paid for the dryer vent cleaning as of the date of the meeting. The board decided to redo the project in five years. Furance ducts will be cleaned by. the same company. Four different proposals are available.

    5. Privacy barrier- Roger is still looking into the matter. He is researching the manufacturer of the one that does not need staining. Research thus far indicates the cost can be excessive. Roger will build a sample barrier to determine amount of material needed and cost.

    6. Installation and cost of new water sensor. Tom corrected an error in last month's minutes regarding the new sensors: We are looking at installing three new sensors on each watering clock. These sensors continually gather on-site solar and temperature data which will adjust watering times depending on the specific weather. On warmer days, it will increase the time and as the temperature drops, it will automatically decrease the time. When we have rain, the system will automatically shut itself off. This combination should save us about 30% on the water bill.

    7. The trash barrels will be replace on Sept 12- Saturday. Trash will be picked up on Friday even though this is a holiday week in order to have empty trash barrels for exchange.

    8. Easement latter- all is okay. Will continue to moniter.

    9. Tom will continue to lok for a vendor to deal with water heaters, etc.

    10. Waste collection negotiations with waste management will take place soon. Tom and Andy are hoping to negotiate a lower price because the smaller barrels mean less trash therefore the disposal fees should be less.

  5. Marianne will present an explanation of the reserve account at the October general meeting.

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  7. Staining the decks- People are encouraged to stain their own decks. If necessary, Wilson will stain them but will do only the floor and top rails.

  8. Other items- Marianne will check for other CPA prices for tax reporting. Romeo will replace trees that are not viable and transplant some trees. Orkin was reliable as a vendor. They came quickly and was highly recommended for their work. Welch- the installation of the new window will begin shortly. Ray is using a licensed contractor. Tom will talk to Bill Oncay to replace the vendor list on the main menu of the website with bulletin board notices.

  9. Meeting was adjourned at 9:15 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by Marianne Williams

October 13, 2009

The meeting opened at 7:00 P.M.

Andy thanked all the volunteers who contribute their time and talents to helping the condo complex function. He reminded everyone that there were only six volunteers in the beginning and now there are approximately fifty. Andy said that one committee evolves into others and he noted the current committee being organized by Barbara Van Heest. This group, called the Need A Ride Committee, will take residents who need transportation to doctor appointments or other sites. Two people at the meeting volunteered to be on her committee, Anne Krause and Phyllis MacDougall. Anyone wishing to join can call Barbara.

Andy continued by thanking Romeo for all his personal efforts to keep the complex looking good. He spent the last few months trimming the shrubs and trees, as well as planting the trees in the open spaces along with Tom Fermi who originated the idea of the tree planting program. Andy also thanked the Beautification Committee for their planting of the seasonal flowers and the new shrubs in front of the clubhouse. He also mentioned the extraordinary efforts of Wilson who does so much around the complex. He complimented Tony Carlino who takes pride in the landscaping of the complex and is willing to work with Andy and Tom in keeping everything looking beautiful.

Andy mentioned the work of Roger Lange in coordinating the work Wilson does as well as maintaining the supplies needed for upkeep. Marianne was cited for her work as treasurer and secretary.

The board members then spoke to update the residents on the various aspects undertaken by the board. Tom told the residents about the new webpage that he and Bill Oncay put together. This addition to the Website features a Bulletin Board where people can go to find out what activities or topics will be featured for the month. This new feature will mimic the notices that are also put on the bulletin board near the mailboxes. Tom also complimented the work of Carlino saying he was easy to work with and is willing to try new ways of doing the work requested of him and his staff. Fall cleanup will begin at the end of the month. Tom reminded everyone that the sand barrel will be replaced in the parking area during the winter so residents can have access to salted sand for their drives. Tom then continued to give the status of the roof wires process saying there were only a few wires left to install. Thirty-one units have requested the wires and all were installed by Wilson.

Marianne explained the purpose of the reserve fund in answer to a question by a resident some months ago. She explained that the reserve fund was mandated by state law as well as being stated in the by-laws of the community. This money is an extension of the checking account and is used to pay extraordinary bills when needed. When the sum accumulates to a overly large amount, An interest-bearing CD is purchased with a part of the money in the account. These CD's will be used, when the time comes in about 15 years, to help underwrite the cost of high priced repair work such as replacement of roofs.

Romeo reminded everyone that this month is fire alarm month and the forms will be distributed to all residents. The forms should be returned to the building representative. He reminded everyone to fill out a communication form if you need your shrubs trimmed. Next year he will fertilize after the spring cleanup to prevent the fertilizer from being blown away. He also brought attention to the loam pile that is available for all when planting shrubs.

Roger updated the work of Wilson. He painted all the fronts and saved the Trust approximately $12-13 thousand . Some of the extra work he undertook was the re-staining if the bench in forn of the clubhouse, repairing the front doors of the clubhouse, and laying the brickwork in the storage area on the side of the clubhouse. Next year, Wilson will stain the decks. Forty-one need to be done and by having Wilson do the work, the Trust will reap savings of about $7000.

The State of the Trust- Andy said the state of the trust was sound and that we had a successful year. Some of the three year contracts are ending in 2010 and will be renegotiated.

A concern by a resident was voiced regarding lighting around the circle. This was a valid concern and will be addressed by the board.

The next meeting will be held February 9, 2010.

In closing, Andy reminded everyone about the community breakfast on October 25 at 10:00A.M.. He thanked Sylvia and Marti for organizing it.

The meeting ended at 8:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Marianne Williams


October 13, 2009

Board member present: Andy Habe, Tom Fermi, Marianne Williams, Roger Lange, Romeo Berthiaume

Andy Habe opened the meeting at 8:00 P.M..

  1. The board reviewed the cash flow and the Balance Sheet for the month of September. The Bill payment for the month of September was approved and signed. A question regarding the reporting of paying of bills out of reserve prompted a discussion of how to handle this reporting so the board would know when it was money used to pay an excessive bill or just to cover in times of delayed deposits. Since this has been under discussion many times, a vote was taken which would then determined how the bills would be paid and what monies would be taken out of reserve. The final decision was that extraordinary bills would be paid with money taken out of reserve and this money would not replaced since they are legitimate bills. A notation will be made on the reserve activity sheet indicating that the money was used for an unbudgeted expense. This would alleviate the need to transfer money in case of a delayed deposit.

  2. A suggestion was passed to give Wilson a bonus for the work accomplished this quarter.

    Marianne will continue her check for other CPA prices for tax reporting.

  3. Tom came prepared with a sample budget for 2010. Marianne will work on the budget for 2010 during the coming month. All trustees will come to the November with recommendations for the budget for 2010.

  4. Andy reminded trustees that, in case of a condo fee increase, the increase would be applied to the basic condo fee minus the Trustee Compensation, then Compensation fee would be reapplied.

    1. Trustee communication forms - all work completed.

    2. Wilson will be finished with the roof wires in about two weeks.

    3. All dryer vent/ furnace cleaning work completed.

    4. Privacy barriers for rear decks- Roger had a schematic drawing of a possible barrier. The estimated cost for his concept would be $150-200 using pressure treated lumber.

    5. Fire alarm check has started. Some forms have been returned.

    6. Water sensor- Tom will include the cost of the sensor in the 2010 budget.

    7. Easement letter- no problems. Will continue to monitor.

    8. Water heater quotes- Tom is continuing his search for a vendor who will give residents a reasonable price for a water heater. He has contacted several companies an will give a report at a future meeting.

    9. Deck staining program- there is no cost estimate at this time.

  5. Andy recommended that all trustees check Condolawyers.com for duties of a board member.

  6. Presentation of purpose of Reserve Fund- Marianne gave the presentation at he general meeting.

  7. Trustee comments- Tom and Romeo brought up the white spots that are found on the drives and roads. It was determined that these spots are coming from latex paint can being thrown in the trash and, when compacted in the truck, drip out onto the roadways. These spots are found mainly on Nature View Drive. These spots will be painted over with liquid asphalt sealer in hopes of covering them.

  8. The bulkhead doors are going to be checked for rust and proper action will then taken if rust is found.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:40 P.M.
Respectfully submitted by Marianne Williams