1. Only residents may reserve the clubhouse for private use (i.e. act as hosts). Resident-non-owners must obtain both owner and Trustee approval before making the reservation.

  2. Hosts are responsible for assuring all guests comply with clubhouse rules.

  3. A signed Clubhouse Contract Form must be on file with the Trustees prior to making the reservation.

  4. The host must be present at all times during private functions.

  5. Reservations are made through the Clubhouse Secretary and are subject to approval by the Board.

  6. Under no condition is smoking permitted in the clubhouse.

  7. Clubhouse Usage

  8. Alcohol (See alcohol policy for OCV Clubhouse) The consumption of alcohol is permitted in the clubhouse under certain conditions as defined in the Alcohol Policy (See below).

  9. Use of the clubhouse implies 'indoor' use. Parties and other gatherings should not overflow to the outdoors.

  10. Bringing a grill is permitted and may be used outside the clubhouse The host is expected to monitor it's safe use to assure there are no fires or accidents. Operation of a grill in proximity to the clubhouse siding will damage that siding. Use caution and keep the grill sufficiently away from the building.)

  11. The host will assume responsibility for a complete clean-up which is to be done by 10:00 AM the following day. Replacement or reimbursement for any missing or broken items shall be done within five (5) days of the event.

  12. In the event that mechanical or other problems occur, (i.e. plumbing, electrical, etc.) no attempt should be made to repair same. Contact Club Secretary.

  13. The Clubhouse must be vacated by midnight.

  14. Before you leave:

    1. Turn down heat to 55 degrees or turn the air conditioning OFF
    2. Close and lock all doors.
    3. Turn off all lights
    4. Check restrooms


  1. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited when the clubhouse is reserved by OCV Trustees for business or committee meetings, with or without resident participation.

  2. The use of alcoholic beverages is permitted when a Qualified Resident reserves the clubhouse for an all-resident function. Alcoholic beverages, when permitted at a clubhouse function, are on a ""bring-your-own-bottle"" (BYOB) basis. All alcohol must be removed from the building at the end of the function.

  3. For insurance purposes, non-resident participants are not permitted to consume alcoholic beverages at any clubhouse function.

  4. It is requested that all residents who plan to consume alcoholic beverages at a clubhouse function either walk home or assign a designated driver.

  5. The Olde Canal Village Association assumes NO responsibility or liability for accidents that occur following a party or any other private gathering where alcohol is consumed. By signing the Clubhouse Contract, the host assumes all liability and responsibility for accidents that occur during or after a party.

  6. Drunk and/or disorderly conduct will not be tolerated and will result in the suspension of the host’s privileges for a period as specified by the Board of Trustees.

  7. The clubhouse is adjacent to private residences. Noise must be kept to a level that does not disturb any of the residents. Complaints by neighbors will be cause to terminate the function. Continued complaints and the host will lose clubhouse privileges for a period as determined by the Board of Trustees.